Here are a few links that you may find useful:

Jane's publisher is St. Martin's Press. They handle an impressive list of world-class authors.

Check out Paula Wolfert's site ( Jane says: "She's my favorite cookbook author, bar none. She does lots of Middle Eastern food, including Armenian, and she has a way to e-mail the Armenian Heritage foundation from her site."

Read an interview with Jane about Skeleton Key and writing in general on APB News: Jane Haddam: Keeping It Mysterious. There's another interview at Mystery One.

The mystery writers' site Tart City has an article by Jane on faux feminism.

Read Jane's firsthand views on welfare from the Nation.

Jane describes Literature - Jane Haddam - Tumbling TBR Mystery Fiction _ Holidays as "my number one fan site." (That should start a competition.)

Be sure to check out There's an interview with Jane, and a picture for those of you who don't yet have one (if you've got one of Jane's hardcovers, you probably have a picture).