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Jane's books include:

The Gregor Demarkian series:
Cover for 'Hearts of Sand' Jane's newest Gregor Demarkian novel is Hearts of Sand.


Cover for 'Blood In The Water' Gregor Demarkian returns in Blood in the Water.


Cover for 'Flowering Judas' Jane's Gregor Demarkian novel Flowering Judas is out in paperback.


Cover for 'Wanting Sheila Dead' Jane has Gregor meet reality TV in Wanting Sheila Dead.


Cover for 'Living Witness' Jane's "we've lost track of the number" Gregor Demarkian novel is Living Witness.


Cover for 'Cheating at Solitaire'

Entertainment Weekly liked Jane's Gregor Demarkian novel, Cheating at Solitaire.


Cover for "Glass Houses" Jane's twenty-fourth Gregor Demarkian novel is Glass Houses.


Cover for "Hardscrabble Road" Jane's twenty-third Gregor Demarkian novel is Hardscrabble Road.


Cover for "The Headmasters Wife" The Headmaster's Wife (April 2005)


Cover for 'Somebody Else's Music' Conspiracy Theory (May 2003)


Cover image for 'Somebody Else's Music' Somebody Else's Music (June 2002)


Cover image for 'True Believers'
True Believers (May 2001)


Cover image for 'Skeleton Key' Skeleton Key (February 2000)


Cover image for 'Deadly Beloved' Deadly Beloved (Reprinted August 1998) - A Wedding Mystery.


Cover image for 'Baptism in Blood' Baptism in Blood (December 1996)


Cover image for 'And One to Die On' And One to Die on (April 1997) - A Birthday Mystery


Cover image for 'Fountain of Death' Fountain of Death (December 1995) - New Year's


Cover image for 'Bleeding Hearts' Bleeding Hearts (February 1995) - Valentine's Day


Cover image for 'Festival of Deaths' Festival of Deaths (December 1994) - Hanukkah


Cover image for 'Dear Old Dead' Dear Old Dead (July 1994) - Father's Day


  Murder Superior (May 1993) - Mother's Day


Cover image for 'Stillness in Bethlehem' A Stillness in Bethlehem (December 1993) - Christmas


  A Feast of Murder (November 1992) - Thanksgiving


  A Great Day for the Deadly - St. Patrick's Day


  Quoth the Raven (October 1991) - Halloween


  Act of Darkness (Holiday Mystery, No 3)


Cover image for 'Precious Blood' Precious Blood (April 1991) - Easter


  Not a Creature Was Stirring (December 1990) - Christmas

Edgar nominee: Best Paperback Original

(The original for this cover hangs in Jane's family room.)


Jane has also published several thrillers as Orania Papazoglou.

The Patience McKenna series:

Cover image for 'Sweet, Savage Death' Sweet, Savage Death (Reprinted June 2000)

Edgar nominee: Best First Novel


Cover for 'Wicked, Loving Murder' Wicked, Loving Murder


  Once & Always Murder
  Rich, Radiant Slaughter
 Cover image for 'Death's Savage Passion' Death's Savage Passion


Other Orania Papazoglou books:

Short stories by Jane in anthologies:
Cover image of 'Once Upon A Crime' Both Bill and Jane have stories in the anthology “Once upon a Crime : Fairy Tales for Mystery Lovers”, edited by the prolific Edward Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg. Jane's story is a reworking of “Rapunzel.”


Cover image of 'Canine Christmas' Jane is one of the contributors to “Canine Christmas,” edited by Jeff Marks. The dog in her story “Midnight Clear” is a Samoyed.


Cover image of 'Creature Cozies' Jane's conribution to “Creature Cozies,” edited by Jill M. Morgan, is a story called “Edelweiss.”


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